How does swap-a-bottle work?

Swap-a-bottle is available when you can get your empty bottle back to us, and we can swap it for a new full bottle of Two Acre Plot Olive Oil.

How can I get the old bottle back to you?

By far the easiest option is we offer free drop off delivery in the Devonport area. So that means leave out your old bottle when we confirm the delivery date for you new order. Easy! If you have ordered by courier, you can courier the empty bottle back to us, but this is at your cost. Let us know in the notes to your new order that you have returned your old bottle.

Do I have to wash the old bottle?

No, we will wash them before we re-fill the bottles. Ideally just rinse them out. We wash & resue the growler cap, so return that as well please.

Do you take back & refill any bottles?

Yes, we take back, wash & re-use any Two Acre plot glass bottles. But, no, we dont re-fill any other glass bottles. This is because we use certified food grade, glass bottles best suited to keeping light & heat away from the oil.