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LiveRunner Testimonials
How has your physical or mental condition improved since starting LiveRun?

I’ve been waking up earlier to exercise and I think LiveRun has been great for my health.  Waking up early is a virtue after all. -HRS

I now wake up early in the morning and LiveRun has changed my life.  It’s gotten many people to get a strong start in the morning. - Midorin

Its changed me quite a lot.  I used to be lazy and couldn’t get out of bed, but thanks to LIveRun I feel much more positive in the morning and now use my time much more effectively.- Maki

It’s completely changed my life.  I’m an early riser now and have already lowered by body fat by 3%.  I’m working out and sweating much more than before. - Chi

Running used to be a chore but now its fun! Because of LiveRun, I’ve got running budies all over the country! -Runrunrun

I now actually stop working during my lunch brake and go on a walk instead.  Also, with LiveRun I was able to start running without overdoing it and am focusing more on my health than ever before. -Akiko

LiveRun makes it fun to get in shape.  There’s so much I’ve learned about running, yoga, and stretching, and I’m really happy with the changes I see in my body. - Mr. Sugar

I wake up earlier than I used to and am much happier about my body when I look in the mirror.  Yoga and stretching are really fun.  Day by day, I’m getting more fit. - Lucky

Running with LiveRun is much more fun than running alone. -Koni

I used to go out at night to drink, but now do LiveRun evening runs and feel much better because of it. -Shiro  

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