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Our Mission

To create a world in which it's commonplace to be active and healthy at 100 years old.

A world where centenarians enjoying active lifestyle is the norm

1.  We were born to run long distances

Over the millenia, the human body has evolved to travel long distances (link).  From our upright posture which allows us to breathe deeply, to our sweat glands that enable us to cool down when running to even the shape of our nose-- we each possess amazing capabilities unlike anything else in the animal kingdom.


2.  We need exercise to stay healthy

Up until 10,000 years ago, humans were forced to be highly active because we had to forage and hunt for food.  Eventually we learned agriculture which ended much of that nomadic lifestyle. In today’s modern world, we’ve eliminated the need for physical labor for most of us but our bodies still require activity to remain strong and healthy.  Without exercise, we face high risks of heart disease, cancer and many other ailments.


3.  Exercise is good for the economy

According to Harvard University, a 25% increase in the number of people who exercise will decrease medical expenses from heart disease by $58 billion a year. (link)


Modern man no longer needs to run to survive.

But what if we can make running more fun so it’s something we want to do?

And thus, LiveRun was born.


Our aim at live LiveRun is to make exercise more enjoyable and get millions of people off the couch to live a healthier lifestyle.






Company: LiveRun K.K.

Address:  3-1-6 Moto-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan

Founder: Tomoyuki Takada

Established: 2017


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Tomo Takada

Founder & CEO


Born in Japan, raised in Elk Grove Village Illinois, Tomoyuki “Tomo” Takada (BS, MS, MBA) grew up idolizing Michael Jordan.  His running career started when he joined Grove Jr. High School Cross Country Team. He learned to program at an early age. As a fan of table top game Dungeons & Dragons, he created role playing games using his AppleII Computer.  He is now the Founder and CEO of LiveRun. He first became an entrepreneur when he started his own consulting firm in 2004. Projects include bringing review service Yelp to Japan and serving as Yelp Japan Managing Director. Utilizing his unique combination of skills in business strategy, mechanical engineering, information technology, and manufacturing, Tomo follows his passion to cultivate entrepreneurship in Japan.  As a native-level bilingual, he especially enjoys spurring innovation through culturally diverse teams. Earlier, Tomo worked for Ford Motor Company as a member of Product Development Leadership Program (PDLP). He holds B.S. from Northwestern University, M.S. from University of Michigan, and MBA from Harvard Business School.


Tomo participates public speaking engagements frequently.  He has appeared on several television shows, including World Business Satellite (TV Tokyo) and frequently interviewed by various news outlets including Nikkei.

Tomo is one of the co-chairs of Harvard Entrepreneurs Tokyo, an non-profit organization with a mission to future entrepreneurship among Harvard Alumni and their friends.  He also enjoys hitting the mountain trails with minimalist shoes, enjoying nature. He is the producer and host of “BizRun”, a program on LiveRun where you learn about business while running.  Connect with Tomo on Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  

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I'm Yuko.

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