Our Mission

To create a world in which its commonplace to be active at healthy at 100 years old. 

A world where centenarians enjoying active lifestyle is the norm

  1.  We were born to run long distances

Over the millenia, the human body has evolved to travel long distances (link).  From our upright posture which allows us to breathe deeply, to our sweat glands that enable us to cool down when running to even the shape of our nose-- we each possess amazing capabilities unlike anything else in the animal kingdom.


  1. We need exercise to stay healthy

Up until 10,000 years ago, humans were forced to be highly active because we had to forage and hunt for food.  Eventually we learned agriculture which ended much of that nomadic lifestyle. In today’s modern world, we’ve eliminated the need for physical labor for most of us but our bodies still require activity to remain strong and healthy.  Without exercise, we face high risks of heart disease, cancer and many other ailments.


  1. Exercise is good for the economy

According to Harvard University, a 25% increase in the number of people who exercise will decrease medical expenses from heart disease by $58 billion a year. (link)


Modern man no longer needs to run to survive.

But what if we can make running more fun so it’s something we want to do?

And thus, LiveRun was born.


Our aim at live LiveRun is to make exercise more enjoyable and get millions of people off the couch to live a healthier lifestyle.

Company: LiveRun K.K.

Address:  3-1-6 Moto-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan

Founder: Tomoyuki Takada

Established: 2017

URL: www.liverunapp.com

高田 智之

CEO & 創業者


起業家。大阪で生まれ、小学生の頃にアメリカに移住。ノースウェスタン大学(Northwestern University)の機械工学部卒業。フォード自動車会社に入社。マツダ自動車会社との共同開発に関わる。ミシガン大学(Univ. of Michigan Ann Arbor)で工学修士取得。ハーバードビジネススクールでMBA 経営学修士)取得。ゴールドマン・サックス証券株式会社でインターンを経験。 世界最大級のMBA技術会議Cyberposiumの共同議長を勤めテクノロジー分野のCEOたちと交流を深める。フォード自動車会社に戻りリーダーシッププログラム(PDLP)に入るが、デトロイトの寒さに耐えられずサンフランシスコに移転して2004年に国際事業発展コンサルティング会社NGBを立ち上げる。日本食が好きすぎて、2007年には東京に会社を移転し、世界を飛び回り10社以上の事業立ち上げに成功。2014年、口コミサービスYelpを日本で立ち上げ、その後日本の代表社長に就任。2017年にライブラン株式会社を立ち上げ現在CEOとして画期的なLiveRunサービスを広めている。

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