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Laugh, think, and feel.

LiveRun is the latest import from Japan, a land with the highest percentage of long-living people.   LiveRun is 100% live, no pre-recorded routines. Everything is fresh, fun, informative, and interactive.  The LiveRun trainers will personally greet you at the start of each workout and then guide you through runs, walks, yoga sessions, stretching, and strength training.  Workout from wherever you wish. All you need is a phone and some earbuds. Come join us on your lifelong journey to health and fitness!


Pick a class

Browse through the schedule and sign up for the classes that best fit your schedule.  Each session is about 20 to 40 minutes and you can chose amongst running, walking, yoga, and strength training.


Make a commitment

Hey, we are all busy, but your health comes first.  Set aside some time to exercise and stick to it.


Jump into your class up to 10 minutes before it’s scheduled to begin

All you need to do is press the "Start Listening" button at the beginning of class and get ready with your trainer. If its a run or a walk, don’t forget your sneakers.


The Warmup

10 minutes before your class’ scheduled start time, you can tune in to hear your trainer lead the live warmup.  Are you ready to get moving?


The Ultimate Group Workout

LiveRunners from around the world will join you.  Everyone is on the same mission to get in shape and motivate each other.  The trainer will bring out your best effort with music, live coaching, and lots of entertaining topics.  You might even hear her call out, 

"Jennifer from Portland, you are running strong today" or perhaps “Jason from San Francisco, don’t look back because Miki from Tokyo is 30 meters behind you and there’s just 30 seconds left!"  

We promise- your ears will tingle every time the trainer calls out your name. Guaranteed! :-) .


The Finish!

Yes, LiveRun classes are entertaining and informative, but for those of you who like to race, the runs can also be competitive.  You’re welcome to give it your best shot against your classmates to see how you stack up. Just keep in mind that our primary goal is fitness not competition, so we will randomly give away prizes to lucky participants regardless of where they finish.   Who else rewards you for staying fit?

Download LiveRun App

LiveRun Japan has a bit of a head start over LiveRun U.S., so there will initially be fewer English classes...but fear not!  We’re ramping up quickly on this side of the Pacific and we’re excited to have you join us.

android.png Introduction By Our Trainers In Tokyo

A wide variety of uniquely themed classes

Stretches recommended by LiveRun

Here are our recommended pre- and post-run stretches as demonstrated by Trainer Yamada.


Warm up

1 Side Bends

2.Shoulder Stretch 

3.Shoulder Twist

4.Knee Bending Exercise

5.Groin Stretch

6.Calf Stretch

7.Lunge Stretch

8.IT Band Stretch

9.Chest Stretch


Cool down

1 Calf Stretch

2.Hamstring Stretch 

3.Hip Stretch

4.Shoulder Twist

5.IT Band Stretch

6.Chest Stretch 

7.Side Bends

LiveRun Trainers

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