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Date: xxx, 2023

What is Plogging?

Combination of jogging with picking up litter, merging the Swedish verbs 

plocka upp (pick up) + jogga (jog)

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Available in Japan & U.S. 

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Join the Moon Team (Passcode: creative)

DATE: Feb xx, 2023
Start listening:  9:00 AM
Start of the race: 9:10 AM
End of the race: 10:10 AM 
Location:  Wherever you like
What do I need?:  Fully charged smartphone with LIVERUN app, earphone, and shoes
* Participant could be a Moon mate or Moon family member. 

How to Enter

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1. Install LIVERUN App

Download from Apple Store or Google Play. Allow GPS Access (For Androids, select always allow GPS)
Apple Store and Google Play are country/region-specific, and you need to have Japan or U.S. version.
Image by Jose Ibarra

2. Create LIVERUN Account

Recommended:  Create a new account using an email address, NOT using Apple ID or Facebook

Runner Name: A name your friends call you by

Location: Where ever you are

NOTE:  You will need LIVERUN account per participant. This will NOT incur any cost.  If you enjoy the app, you can become a CLUB member by subscribing.

3. Join Moon Team


eMail:  Same email you used for LIVERUN profile

Team Code:  creative

4. Reserve the Moon Plogging session

From LIVERUN App, Click the "Schedule" icon at the bottom. 
The list of sessions will appear in chronological order. 
Scroll to Saturday 4/23 and find and reserve the ISSH Fun Run at 09:10.
Test Tube

6. Do A Test Run 

Try other free session and make sure that you can hear the live broadcast and the distance increases.

If the distance stays 0.00 even though you have run/walked, go to settings on your smartphone and provide GPS access to LIVERUN app (For Androids, select always provide GPS access).
Help on GPS access: iPhone   Android

7. On the day of the Plogging...

From LIVERUN App, scroll to Saturday 4/23 tap the ISSH Fun Run at 09:10 about 10 minutes before the time (i.e. 9am)

Tap “Start Listening” (the icon will be orange) to start listening to the live session.  
You will answer an icebreaker question,  hear safety & technical rules, and do stretching -- then the MC will start the countdown for the run.

Safety Rules to Always Follow:

  1. Make sure to follow all traffic laws.

  2. Session will start and end on the MC's countdown, not on your smartphone.  Do not look at the screen while running.

  3. Stay hydrated, make sure you drink water before.

Useful tips:

  1. Try to avoid running in a small loop like a 400 meter track.  GPS has trouble keeping accurate distance traveled.

  2. If for some reason you cannot hear the live broadcast, end and restart the app (the app will remember distance ran).

  3. Keep Wifi off in the settings.  When smartphone tries to catch free Wifi, voice streaming could stop. 

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